Recycling And Modifications

TC Packaging will purchase your obsolete, damaged, unwanted packaging such as knock down containers, hand held totes, pallet/lid systems, vac form trays, steel racks, bins and tubs.

Our team will provide labor, forklifts, trucks and logistics many times at no charge to your company and depending on what we clean up, your company will receive payment or credit for the broken, unwanted packaging materials.

Benefits of working with TC Packaging include:

  • Recycling – Go Green
  • Organization of good current containers
  • Pay Back cash flow
  • Complete removal of all unwanted items
  • No employee involvement
  • We provide our own Forklift, dumpsters, and logistics
  • Zero out-of-pocket expense
  • No PO needed
  • No interruption to current production output
  • Seamless
  • Our own insurance liability coverage
  • 100 Years of combined packaging experience

The staff at TC Packaging are your container experts. Let a qualified staff member assist you with your recycling needs.